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About our program:

Are you a backpacker seeking a journey that blends adventure with purpose? Dive into the heart of Costa Rica’s vibrant Nicoya Peninsula and join the upcoming Volunteer Program at Nanku Ecovillage. This unique program offers an affordable, immersive and meaningful experience focused mainly on educational programs for the community as well as gardening adn home made production.


Program details

Cost: $10 per day  (includes accommodation and meals)

Accommodation: Comfortable, eco-friendly lodging in the heart of our community.

Meals: Three meals a day included.

Experience: Hands-on learning in organic gardening, sustainable farming, and local food production.

Connect. Contribute. Grow.

Unlock the Power of Nanku Ecovillage

Discover the Vision, Potential, and Investment Opportunities

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  • Learn about the investment options available and get information on pricing

  • Gain insights into the unique offer and advantages of Nanku Ecovillage

  • Explore our master plan, highlighting the thoughtfully curated amenities and infrastructure

  • Learn about life at Nosara, surroundings, activities and more

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