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Why Choose Nanku Ecovillage?

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Close to everything

10 min to Nosara Center
15 min from the beach

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Surrounded by nature

Privacy and lush nature
that surround your home

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Breathtaking Views

Unwind as you witness the golden sunsets over the Nosara river, the ocean or the mountains

Master Plan

A visionary village dedicated to ecological consciousness and the protection of our precious forests. Our master plan is designed with a harmonious approach, ensuring the preservation of existing forests while promoting the growth of a diverse range of local tree species.

We recognize the importance of sustainable silviculture strategies, we have brought together a team of forest engineers, biologists, and environmental consultants who share our vision. With their expertise and the necessary permits in place, we are committed to implementing a comprehensive silviculture strategy that will enhance wildlife habitats and promote a healthy ecosystem for the area. We are committed to replacing the existing pochote plantation with healthier and more diverse vegetation. By doing so, we aim to restore the natural balance and enhance the ecological integrity of our surroundings.

To ensure a well organized and exceptional living experience, our development will be carried out in phases. This approach allows us to create fully finished neighborhoods, ensuring that every buyer and investor can enjoy a seamless transition into their new homes.

As we envision a vibrant and inclusive village, Nanku Eco Village will offer an array of amenities to enhance your lifestyle. You can relax and unwind by our pool, surrounded by the beauty of nature. Additionally, we have dedicated an area for events, fostering connections among neighbors.

In line with our commitment to environmental stewardship, we will have a recycling facility open to both residents and neighboring communities. This facility will serve as a gathering point for like -minded individuals, encouraging the principles of recycling, reducing waste, and promoting a sustainable lifestyle.

Fruit trees have been planted along most the roads inside the Nanku Eco-village area. This is for the free usage of the residents and their families. Lemons, avocado’s mango’s, papaya’s, oranges and a variety of other local fruit trees.

Key Details of Our Financing Offer:
Interest Rate: 5% on financed amount
Financing Amount: Up to 50% of the total lot price
Eligibility: Available exclusively on our last pre-sale lots


Nanku Amenities

Swimming Pool

Communal Area

Recycling Center


Addressing Water Shortage: Nanku Eco Village's Commitment to Giving Back

Nosara has been grappling with water scarcity, achallenge that affects both residents and neighboring communities. At Nanku EcoVillage we partnered up with the local ASADA in order to bring fresh, drinkable, running water more accessible not only to the community but to the neighboring villages of those around us. 


In the Barrio de los Gutierrez, there are about 60 residents, most of them being children. This small community has four wells where they gather water to drink from. Unfortunately, during the dry season three out of the four wells dry up completely making finding water for their families quite a challenge. Nanku EcoVillage has been able to provide all of these families with the convenience of clean running water straight to their homes, making their lives a whole lot easier and water accessible to all. 


Recycling Initiative

What does it mean to live in an Eco-Village? It means that we strive to create the least possible negative impact on the natural environment through intentional physical design and resident behavior choices.

Here at Nanku EcoVillage, we believe in being the change we wish to see in the world and we encourage you to do the same. We have our own Recycling Center in our village where we partner with companies around the entire country in order to have full certainty that what we consume is being disposed of in the most efficient and environmentally friendly way possible.

Our Recycling Center is viewed as not only a place to sort out recyclables but also a place of education and inspiration. We encourage residents and those around us to learn more about our processes in order to change our habits and make better choices for the wellness of the environment and for betterment of our future.

Nanku is Home

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Prime Haciendas

Lots spanning 5,000 square meters or more, an ideal foundation to build your dream home.

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Prime Residential Parcels

Discover the perfect residential parcel, ranging from 1,000 to 4,000 square meters in size

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