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A Fun-Filled Saturday at Nanku Eco Village, Costa Rica

Wake Up with a stunning view

Imagine starting your Saturday morning at Nanku Eco Village with the stunning ocean and river views greeting you as you wake up. Your family gathers in the garden for breakfast, enjoying fresh smoothies made with tropical fruits and vegetables from the community garden. The kids are buzzing with excitement—there is no school today, just a whole day of eco-friendly fun!

It's Time for an eco Adventure!

After breakfast, it’s time for some eco-adventures. The kids head off to explore the village with their friends, spotting wild-tailed deer and pisotes along the way. Meanwhile, you can join a relaxing yoga session in the communal area. Imagine stretching and breathing deeply, surrounded by the lush greenery of Nanku—pure bliss!
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Let's Surf!

What better way to spend the afternoon than at the beach? You pack a picnic and drive to Playa Guiones Beach, known for its incredible surfing spots. The waves are perfect, and the kids can’t wait to dive in. After some fun in the surf, you head back to the village for a swim in the natural pools along the river. The water is refreshing, and the whole family loves it.

Dinner Under the Stars

As the sun sets, Nanku Eco Village comes alive with community spirit. Families gather for a potluck dinner, sharing homemade dishes and stories. The kids run around playing games while you enjoy a glass of wine with new friends. Watching the sunset over the ocean and river, you feel a profound sense of belonging and peace.

Living the Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

Living at Nanku Eco Village is all about sustainability and community. From recycling facilities to organic farming, every aspect is designed with eco-friendliness in mind. You’re not just living here; you’re teaching your children the importance of preserving the environment.
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Join the Nanku Family

Are you thinking about relocating to an ecovillage in Costa Rica?

Nanku offers the perfect setting for families with a lifestyle that balances nature, community, and fun. Imagine your weekends filled with adventure, learning, and connection—every day is a new opportunity to create lasting memories.

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